City of London

The only team in the London Youth Games that is not strictly a borough. Residents from City of London Housing estates and selected City of London schools that fall outside the local authorities boundaries can represent City of London.

Despite a comparatively low number of young people to select from, City of London have enjoyed some notable successes at the London Youth Games in particular the Indoor Rowing. 

To compete or volunteer for City of London please contact the Borough Team Organiser or visit the Borough’s website:

Gemma Carrick
020 7250 1464
» City of London Website
This Season's Results
Event Current
Last year Points
Archery 3 N/A 43
Fencing (Mixed) 9 up13 34
Squash (Male) 9 up11 34
Cross Country (Female) 12 up23 31
Cycling (Road) 22 up24 21
Football (Male) 25 up21 18
Football (Female) 25 N/A 18
Athletics (Female) 27 up26 16
Triathlon / Aquathlon 28 up18 15
Cross Country (Male) 32 up31 11

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